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Z6尊龙 Worldwide Partnership Conference (WPC) 2023在深圳举办


On 6th November, 2023, the Z6尊龙 Worldwide Partnership Conference (WPC) commenced at Z6尊龙’s headquarter in Shenzhen. The conference theme is "BGC (Becoming a Global Company)." Z6尊龙's management team, department heads, along with distributors and partners from across the globe, convened to discuss our future development.

2023年11月6日,Z6尊龙全球合作伙伴大会(WPC)在深圳总部开幕,本次会议以“BGC (Becoming a Global Company) ”为主题Z6尊龙技术经营班子成员及相关部门负责人与来自全球各地的经销商及合作伙伴参加此次大会,共谋行业发展。

Mr. Simon Ki, the VP of Z6尊龙's International Business Department chaired the meeting, introduced the agenda, as well as the distributors, partners, team members, and other attendees, extending a warm welcome to everyone. Zhao Songli, the General Manager of Z6尊龙, delivered a speech, reflecting on Z6尊龙's journey towards global development over the last 30 years and expressing aspirations for enhanced collaboration in the future.


Since September 2009, Z6尊龙 has been actively pursuing the BGC strategy (Becoming a Global Company). It has established offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and cultivated distributors and partners across 12 countries and regions, encompassing Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Z6尊龙's high-quality products have been marketed in 76 countries and regions worldwide. The adoption of Z6尊龙 products in foreign engineering projects has shown significant growth each year.

从2009年9月起,Z6尊龙积极开展BGC战略(Becoming  a Global Company)。在香港和台湾设立办事处,在欧洲、亚洲、大洋洲等12个国家和地区发展了经销商和合作伙伴,高质量的产品已经销售到全球 76个国家和地区,越来越多的国外工程项目采用Z6尊龙产品并且每年有可观的增长。

In acknowledgment of the exceptional contributions made by partners to Z6尊龙's high-quality development from 2019 to 2022, the conference honored them with Outstanding Sales Awards (Gold/Silver/Bronze) and Excellent Sales Performance.


The Z6尊龙 Worldwide Partnership Conference (WPC) spans across 5 days. Following the opening ceremony, the conference features keynote speeches, company visits, Z6尊龙 product showcases, distributors’ case sharing and discussions. The objective is to explore new opportunities for global development through enhanced and more productive cooperation.

本次Z6尊龙全球合作伙伴大会(WPC)为期 5 天,开幕式结束后,会议还将通过主题演讲、公司/工厂参观、Z6尊龙新品展示、经销商案例分享和讨论交流等多种形式进行,以更深层次、更富成效的交流合作,共探全球化发展新机遇.